Located in the New York Avenue Louis Vuitton Black Friday opened Brooklyn Louis Vuitton Black Friday Flatbush Messi department store in November 24th 12 midnight, many Chinese people into the store shopping early to join the team. Photograph by Cui Guoqi Here you will find your dream louis vuitton handbags. In November 25th, New York Manhattan Messi department store LV store customer about half are chinese. Lin Jing / photograph In new network on 27 November, according to Louis Vuitton Black Friday the United States of America "newspaper" reported, after Thanksgiving "black Friday", New York major shopping malls and retail stores to discount, tens of thousands of people "shopping" crazy shopping spree. It is usually a good time to sweep the cheap, but there are a lot of Chinese to gamble at high stakes panic buying luxury brands. In the LV handbags and SWAROVSKI (Swarovski) has a significant number of Chinese customers crystal stores, some people buy gifts for friends in China, because of the "domestic recognize this brand", and the same product in the United States than much cheaper in china. Manhattan Messi shop the LV store customer about half are Chinese, the salesman also has several Mandarin speaking chinese. Ms. Lee, born in Shenyang with several friends to buy gifts Louis Vuitton Black Friday, she said she didn't like the LV package, tawdry and wealth, but is not practical, but "domestic Louis Vuitton Black Friday recognize this brand". She said, there are a lot of American and European brands are of good quality, but our people don't know, maybe LV ads do, regardless of money or ordinary people recognize it, and buy a friend doesn't like gifts, buy a they like. Origin Hangzhou New York Chinese Ms. Chen bought a value 1300 yuan LV handbag. She said, you always want to buy a LV bag, LV never discount, even if the black Friday not a discount. But she thinks the price is much cheaper than domestic, she said, this bag is last year's style, sold more than 2 in the domestic, domestic brands are very expensive, even Shiseido cosmetics can not afford to buy, a bottle of Shiseido to hundreds of yuan, in the United States only tens of dollars. Another Fujian based customer Ms. Yu said, she bought a 800 yuan LV handbag, for domestic friends, because friends like this brand. SWAROVSKI crystal monopoly five Avenue also packed with Chinese customers, from the young to the elderly people. A pair of Zhang couples follow the guide to shopping, they come to the United States travel Louis Vuitton Black Friday from Yunnan. Mr. Zhang want to buy her daughter a ring, he said, the process of SWAROVSKI crystal is very high, but the price is expensive, a ring over a hundred dollars, converted into RMB several hundred. Ms. Xiao to buy a set of three pieces of the Louis Vuitton Sale necklace and earrings, ready to send to friends at home. She said, choose SWAROVSKI crystal as a gift because domestic recognize this brand, according to her Louis Vuitton Black Friday understanding, the same product to your 40% at home, so in the United States to buy a good. Ms. Siu then to Coach bag store to buy a Louis Vuitton Black Friday bag to help Louis Vuitton Black Friday domestic friends, she says the United States of America to buy Coach in half cheaper than at home, so the friends have asked her to buy. Lin Jing. Black Friday in the Louis Vuitton Black Friday United States is also used to refer to the first days of the year on the day after thanksgiving. This day is usually considered marked the official start of the Christmas buying season, is seen as a barometer of Christmas annual retail sales industry, also is one of the busiest days most valued companies in a year. Since 1854, the brand establishment, Louis vuitton always with the traveling culture development is accompanied, settlement of soil during nineteenth Century and twentieth Century, with the industrial revolution because of rapid development, all kinds of vehicles. But Louis Weedon always keeps pace with the times, create amazing invention and innovation. Louis Weedon and the descendants of the world advanced things and transportation, technology, architecture, art and Louis Vuitton Black Friday Louis Vuitton Black Friday fashion development highly interested, observant of world affairs. Where a revolutionary invention, when George Vuitton in charge of the company published in 1890 "unpickable" more tumblers press lock, all luggage behind brand production are installed according to design the lock; and each guest was allocated to private lock number, namely all guest luggage box with a key switch. This system has been in use ever since. In the film, Lewis from the Paris morning wake up Louis Vuitton Black Friday, and her neck hung a soon to open her mysterious Louis Vuitton Sale journey key. Buy your louis vuitton now!